Handmade Dog Collar Flowers

Diameter of these flowers are approximately 5".  They can be made smaller.  Please contact us at waggatailboutique@gmail.com with any questions or a special request.

yellow flower 3.JPG
yellow flower 4.JPG
yellow flower.JPG
yellow flower 2.JPG
sunflower 2.JPG
tan plaid.JPG
red black plaid.JPG
pink quilt.JPG
pink quilt 3.JPG
pink quilt 2.JPG
pink hunting.JPG
pink hunting 2.JPG
lt dk heart.JPG
blue green plaid.JPG
dk green plaid.JPG
green quilt.JPG
green quilt 2.JPG
red sox.JPG
camo 2.JPG
all flowers.jpg