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Dog Planters

Spring has sprung and I'm excited to announce that the ordering for planters has opened for 2023!   I'm offering shipping, delivery (within a 15 mile radius) of South Hadley, or pick up.

How do you order you ask?  Under each planter there are three (3) buttons. 

Pick Up / Delivery:

If you are ordering a planter and requesting to pick it up (free) or delivered within a 15 mile radius from South Hadley for a small delivery fee.  Use the button that is entitled "Pick Up/Deliver".  This will bring you to the window  to add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.  


The cost of shipping can fluctuate based on size of box, weight and where it is shipping.  Use the button entitled "Shipping Quote" to get a quote for the shipping cost.  Fill out the form and I will send back the shipping quote to you based on the information you provide.  Shipping for the planters is through UPS Ground. 

The shipping of the planters can be done one of two ways: 1) the planter can be fully assembled or 2) it can be boxed unassembled for you to put together when you receive it.  All tools, glue and screws will be included for this assembly.  This is usually the cheapest method to ship.  When you receive your quote back for shipping, it will include a price for both options.

Custom Request:

If you wish a custom order planter, use the button entitled "Custom Order Request".  Fill out the form and I will send back the cost for the custom request.  Custom orders are taken with approval.  There is an upcharge to custom orders. 


Don't see the breed you are looking for, please contact me.

**My dog planters are sealed multiple times and can be used outdoors.  However wood is wood.  I recommend bringing them in on multiple days of rain /  do not leave in direct line of rain/water sprinklers, store them inside for the winter, keep the flowers in the pots / do not put soil directly in the flower box unless you find a liner for it, and seal them once or twice a year to prolong life.

NOTE:  The turn around time once a planter is ordered is 7 - 10 business days.  Thank you.

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