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Dog / Animal Planters 

Ordering for my planters are on "Preorder" status until late March/early April. 


The sealing process is done outside which has to be above a certain degree to cure correctly.   Preordering yours gets you first on the list for when my production of these products start again.  

I'm offering shipping through UPS, delivery (within a 15 mile radius) of South Hadley, or pick up.


There are now two options for shipping the planters:  Assembled or DIY at Home.  If upon checkout you choose DIY at Home, everything will be clearly marked and we will provide you with all the tools needed to put the planter together.  By choosing this method, the cost of shipping could be reduced then the shipping of the item assembled.  

Custom Request:

If you wish a custom order planter, use the button below entitled "Custom Order Request".  Fill out the form and I will send back the cost for the custom request.  Custom orders are taken with approval.  There is an upcharge to custom orders. 





Don't see the breed you are looking for, please contact me.

**My dog planters are sealed multiple times.  However wood is wood.  I recommend not letting them get/be wet, store them inside for the winter, keep the flowers in the pots / do not put soil directly in the flower box unless you find a liner for it, and seal them once or twice a year to prolong life.

NOTE:  The turn around time once a planter is ordered is 7 - 10 business days before it ships.  If the weather is still to cold to seal, you will receive a notice letting you know it might take longer to ship.  Thank you.

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